the 11 (writing) commandments according to henry miller

On my quest to find my own writing routine I stumbled across these gems from Miller and just had to share.

Hope you get as much out of them (all these years later) as I did.

’til next time xx

Work Schedule taken from Henry Miller on Writing

just where has smartykat been?

Lately I’ve had a few of my darling smartykat followers contact me and say, “Where are you?”, “Where have the posts gone?”, “I want mooooooore!”, so I thought I better pull my finger out of my butt…on hole and give you all a bit of an update. Never fear, smartykat is ALWAYS here, just not necessarily always in her blogging form. Here’s what’s been taking up S.K.’s time:

THE novel

Yes, I’m still plugging away at my debut novel and yes, I’m still absolutely loving the process. Continue reading