like Augustus in the chocolate factory

A short little while ago, I attended a literary tour at Heide Museum of Modern art titled They Also Wrote. Run by Judith Hughes, the tour focused on Heide as a haven for aspiring writers and a meeting place for artists in general. Well, I was like a child in a candy store – more specifically – Augustus in Wonka’s factory! The tour was comprehensive and at the same time, so inspiring. Did you know that Sidney Nolan couldn’t decide whether to become a painter or a writer? Or that there’s a rumour on the good ol’ mill that Miller’s Autumn Laing is based on Sunday Reed? I didn’t. I’m so glad that I went… and it was all FREE. Can you believe it? ’tis always worth keeping an eye on the happenings at Heide (you can do that here). You never know what you’ll stumble across. Continue reading