(brave, courageous, inspiring, humble) Women of Letters

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On Sunday afternoon I attended my first Women of Letters event. For those of you who haven’t heard about WoL, it’s a beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and diverse celebration of female talent curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire. Each month, five Melbournian writers (be they actors, novelists, comedians, songwriters, journalists etc.) come together for one afternoon to pay homage to the lost art of letter writing by writing a letter themselves – addressed to whoever they like – that is centred around a chosen theme for that month. Sunday’s theme was “burning bridges” and the panelists’ responses could not have been more diverse, nor more beautiful (this month’s writers were Alannah Hill, Anni Davey, Zoe Foster Blake, Catriona Rowntree & Rachel Power). Continue reading

the (dying) art of letter writing

Yesterday I met Postman Pat’s wife. While writing away at my usual hideout, a middle aged lady walked in, sat down opposite me on the communal table, ordered a long black and then proceeded to work her way through the 5 inch (at least) wad of mail that was accompanying her. I kid you not. Plastic wrappings and envelopes strewn across three seats and all.

image by hellojenuine

Even more disruptive and un-communal-table-esque was this lady’s constant chattering – to her mail. No, I promise, I’m not having you on. She conversed with every single piece of paper / card / stamp that she came across – including the Myer catalogues. Ah, isn’t that lovely, Oh, how nice, Oh my God. Oh my God! (this was in response to what look like a cheque so I’m guessing her weekly lotto purchase paid off). My response to her was torn. I honestly didn’t know whether to wedge one of her catalogues up her ass or bless her dear little soul for reminding me of the forgotten joy of letter writing. Continue reading