smartykat’s vacation update

Greetings from Fiji!

I wish but hey, a girl can dream can’t she? Have you missed me? I’ve missed you so I thought I’d take a quick few minutes out of my ‘vacation’ to update you all on what’s been keeping me so busy and away from you.

1. I became a resident of the land of Toopuh-wahree (aka Tupperware!). With my husband going back to uni to study winemaking, the penniless writer situation has become especially penniless so I thought to myself, Tupperware? Why not! and I’m loving it. Continue reading

smartykat is taking a summer vacation!

Loyal readers, friends and fans,

SmartyKat has decided to take a summer vacation! Now, before you allow images of frolicking in the sun to run riot in your minds, and before you all begin to scoff in blog withdrawal dismay – allow me to qualify that statement… SmartyKat has decided to take a working summer vacation. Images of frolicking gone now? Good!

Before the blogging new year gets off to a roaring start SmartyKat’s mind needs to take a wee time out so that it can focus on a couple of projects that need its undivided attention. So, what does this mean for you? Well, not so much really. 1st of the month book bargains will still be happening as will Local Life Lovin’ interviews. It’s just the other, everyday ‘filler’ stuff that you may not see as often.

On that note, adieu! In the meantime, feel free to catch up on some older blog posts.

image courtesy of David Cox

xx SmartyKat



So it’s finally here. The new interview series that you’ve all been waiting for!

Who better to open the series for a wordy blog like mine than a writer? Introducing (for those of you who don’t already know him) Luke C Jackson. By day, Luke teaches and by night he writes; stories of secrets and spies; exotic cities and robots. Well… not really. Luke does write and he does teach but not as dramatically as I’ve made you believe. Just thought it would be fun to get all ‘opening night’ on you. Drama aside, Luke was a pleasure to interview and more than generous with his wisdom and time. For all that boring resume-ey stuff check out Luke’s website. Otherwise, enjoy the interview.

A few days ago while walking the dog and pondering what approach to take for this interview, I stumbled across a pile of metal bits and bobs at the foot of a shrub – old lock barrels, screws, some hinges (I think – my bits and bobs knowledge is far from extensive!) – so I took a photo of them and sent it to Luke with a caption that read, Dead robot?. His reply was typically Luke, Maybe a robot waiting to be put together. And it could have been. It just wasn’t the first thing that I saw because I’m a pessimist. Luke, on the other hand, is the eternal optimist. Read and learn…


I always knew I was a story teller.

You have to be optimistic / confident / thick skinned in this industry, according to Luke. So how did he ‘make it’? Hard work and self belief. And natural ability? Surely you need to be able to put words together in some sort of decent arrangement to call yourself a writer? No? Sure. But for Luke this probably only accounts for 30% of what goes on, the rest is just putting in the hard slog. What’s that Edison quote? Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration

Continue reading

opening night eve

image by Allan Rostron

It’s opening night eve here at SmartyKat because *insert drumroll* tomorrow I launch my new interview series: Local Life Lovin’. That’s right. Once a month I’ll be picking the brains of someone who loves contributing to local life and sharing their pearls of wisdom with… YOU! Excited much? I’ve lined up writers, artists, small business owners, archaeologists… the list really is endless!

So, put a reminder in your phone or – even better – subscribe to the site (on your right) and then sit tight, because who knows who’s going to be behind that curtain tomorrow?

Comments? Thoughts? Have someone in mind for me to interview? Post a comment or contact me.

Happy anticipating xx

not long now…

So, we’re exactly a week away from the second Monday of the month which means that we’re exactly a week away from the premier of Local Life Lovin’! Yay, but… ‘What in God’s name is this Local Life Lovin’ thing’ you ask? Can’t tell you that silly billy. Sorry. It’s still a secret, remember? Shhh. Just thought I’d pay you the courtesy of giving you a wee heads up so that you remember to check in next Monday, and every second Monday of the month after that. Because yes-sir-ee, this will be a regular rockin’ gig.

Got it? Great! Because now that you’ve put it in your calendar as a recurring event, all that’s left to do is sit tight and spread the word (and think about graphic novels… what the? *wink wink*). Because it’s gonna be great and exciting and fun all on the one regular second Monday of the month.

Happy Monday and happy waiting (patiently) xx

it’s a secret…

I have a bit of a secret to share just in time for the weekend. But you can’t tell anyone. Not a soul. Because this was meant to be a surprise but I’m so friggen excited that I just HAD TO TELL SOMEONE. So I decided to tell everyone and tell them not to tell. O.K.? Here it goes. Are you ready? A new segment is coming to SmartyKat. Did you hear it? I whispered…

A new segment is coming to SmartyKat! Yay! I’ll tell you what it’s called but nothing more because well, that would be giving everything away and we can’t have that now can we?

So, keep your ears peeled and your eyes wiiiiide open for Local Life Lovin’… just like the first of the month book deals it’ll be a similar monthly gig… but different…

Now remember, don’t tell a soul. It’s a secret.

Happy secret guessing xx

What do you think Local Life Lovin’ is going to be about? What would you like it to be about?

image by madd0