the 11 (writing) commandments according to henry miller

On my quest to find my own writing routine I stumbled across these gems from Miller and just had to share.

Hope you get as much out of them (all these years later) as I did.

’til next time xx

Work Schedule taken from Henry Miller on Writing

ditching my freedom for a trip to the tropics

Those of you who follow my blog will probably be wondering whether I’ve finished reading Franzen’s Freedom – and the answer is yes, I finished it last night. What did I think?

I was impressed without being blown away. The Corrections had set me up for another masterpiece and although Freedom probably is a masterpiece in comparison to the works of other similarly contemporary writers, compared to The Corrections, it fell just short for me. But, as my husband was ever so quick to remind me every time I opened my mouth to utter, “but it’s not The Corrections,” –  I shouldn’t compare because no, it isn’t The Corrections, it’s Freedom. And the idea of freedom (whatever it means today), it most definitely explores. Continue reading