navigating the blank page

I know when I’m in the zone – when I’m writing something more than the usual meh; when I’m actually onto something – when I feel like I’m wrestling. When it’s not easy. When the words hang somewhere between excruciating and ecstatic and summoning them is laborious, at best. It’s like they are a delicate extension of my hair and they’re caught, actually more than caught, they’re knotted and teased expertly to the hundreds of individual spindles of a wire brush. Pull too hard and I rip my hair out from its roots, give up or don’t pull hard enough and well, I get stuck.  Continue reading

all in the name of creativity?

When does allowing oneself ‘space’ for an idea to develop become procrastination?

"Really, I promise you, I'm working very hard. I'm thinking!"

Yesterday I spent the day ‘writing’… well I think I did. I got up, walked to my local cafe, took care of my social networking responsibilities (yes, I do mean ‘responsibilities’… as a writer it is imperative to stay abreast of what’s happening on Facebook / twitter / LinkedIn), worked on an essay submission for an hour or so, did a bit of reading, worked on the same essay submission for another hour or so, did the Facebook / twitter etc. thing again, read a little more, browsed (in the name of research) and wrote a little more. All in all I probably only wrote 500 words or so but I was ‘working’ for a good 6 or 7 hours. Continue reading