happy autumn… and march’s book bargain

Greetings readers,

Happy Autumn. My favourite season is finally here. Changing leaves… milder weather… comfier clothes… love, love, love

This month’s book bargain is Caroline Alexander’s The Bounty. Now, I usually don’t do non fiction but I’ve had this on my ‘to read’ list for a while. So, when The Book Grocer asked if I could review it this month I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and said, “yes!”. Head over to the Northcote store to pick it up for $10.

The non fiction reader in me is a slower reader than its fiction counterpart so I’m stretching this one out over two months. So far, so good. Alexander’s writing is informative yet still absorbing and the book is jam packed full of enthralling action. Non fiction and fiction lovers alike need to give this book a go…

Stay tuned. Full review coming next month.

’til next time.

xx SmartyKat

it’s time for yet another book bargain!

This month I’ve had the pleasure of reading Ian McEwan for the first time – and I really do mean pleasure. If, like myself, you didn’t read this book when it was first released in 1998 you simply must hunt it down and read it now. The Book Grocer is stocking it for a lovely $10. Grab a copy ASAP. You’ll thank me for it. Until you do, enjoy the review.

Happy reading xx

Enduring Love, Ian McEwan

What were we running towards? I don’t think any of us would ever know fully. But superficially the answer was, a balloon.

Thus begins McEwans magnetic novel. His tone is careful and his prose observant, in this electric tale of love; obsessive, fleeting, enduring or otherwise. Continue reading