Because I’ve been writing most of today (check out this week’s articles on my writing page), I’ve also been cafe-ing (aka drinking gallons of tea!) and mystery box shopping (aka stocking up on loads of fruit and veg – the best writing fuel after all). Here are my have places for tea and nutrients in my ‘hood’. If you’re local, give them a go… if you live a little further out, why not try and hunt down some similar life warming places in your territory?

Happy fooding xx

Chai @ Penny Farthing

I especially love the teeny ramekin of cinnamon that  accompanies the tea… I’m  addicted (I think I had 3 pots today!). The boys here are  great and if tea’s not your  thing they  roast their own coffee! Food’s also amazing  and, quite conveniently,  they take cash and card so even when you’re broke you can  put that warm, liquid  goodness on credit. Need I go continue?












Mystery Boxes @ St. Dot’s

These guys may be new on the block but they are amazing. Swing by and chat to Sarah or Jyhe and they’ll be sure to fill your basket with healthy yummies that are destined to gastronomically inspire! I’ve recently taken to their $25 Mystery Boxes (i know BARGAIN) which are filled with seasonal goodies (the guys are happy to adapt your box according to your likes / needs) and even come with recipes. I think I ate that gorgeous punnet of strawberries within 15 minutes of bringing the box home! Can’t go past this place. Looks divine. Is divine.

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