an idea and a very special read


I have an idea… the idea is to blog my writing projects. The research process; how the writing evolves; shapes itself. The further that I venture into this degree and the more that I write, the more I learn about my practice. A lot of that final piece that you go to see on a stage in a dimly lit room is the product of the act of putting pen to paper but, a hell of a lot isn’t. A hell of a lot is other ‘stuff’. Continue reading

disconnecting to reconnect


First things first, happy new year. Here’s to a 2016 of love, creativity and simplicity. There. The big ’S’ word – I said it.

A few things to share about the last couple of months or so:

  • I applied to do my masters (writing for performance) and got in (!) which means that, yes, after 7 years (7 YEARS…eek!) I’ll be hitting the books again to which I say – bring it on. I’m feeling nervous and excited and apprehensive and excited and, well, just excited really. I’m finally going to have the chance to study my craft – full time – and for that opportunity I feel truly, truly blessed.
  • I’ve made the decision to ‘unplug’ this year. To disconnect. Continue reading

i’m having an affair…

I’m having an affair. There. O.K. I said it. I used to think monogamy was the only way. The best way. That way I could devote all my attention to him… or her. That way I could be completely present in our relationship. No conflicting schedules. No decisions. No choices. It was so easy. So effortless. And now… well now I’ve ruined it. Destroyed that unwavering and unconditional sense of security… completely undone all that we had. Continue reading

peace, play and port fairy


So, just in case you’re wondering, this is where I was this time last week. No I didn’t just google image “tranquil, picturesque outback spring panorama” and whack it in here – this is a really, real actual photo that I took… and yes, they are alpacas. Woolly, awkward, hilarious alpacas. I made the trip to Port Fairy for their annual Festival of Words: Ex Libris. I read. I wrote. I slept. I walked. I ate. I did yoga. It was glorious.

More dets to come. Just thought it would be nice to share this ultimate Spring picture on this ultimate Spring Melbourne morning.

Much love for now. Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

MWF ’15

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.46.14 am

The 2015 MWF has come and gone for yet another year so I thought I’d share some of my scribbles. Although it wasn’t my favourite MWF, it was so lovely to immerse myself in the creativity and ideas of like minded people and to soak up all their wordy goodness. This year, unlike others, I found myself wanting to note take less and enjoy the moment more so, that’s what I did! Before you ask, I’m still undecided on as to which session was my favourite – I keep to-ing and fro-ing between Will Self’s interview for Books and Arts Daily and Coetzee, Kennedy & Malouf: Three Stories. Sessions I attended and favourite little gems below. Continue reading

what i’ll be reading

I love Fridays. For lots of reasons. Fridays are writing days and let’s-start-slowing-down days and 5pm charcuterie board and wine days. They’re also the day of the week that signals some quality reading time for me. More than the usual snippets of a chapter here and there that I manage during the week. There’s a different quality to reading during the day. On the couch or the day bed. Uninterrupted with a pot of tea or glass of wine. A different feel. It’s a more soothing, rejuvenating, more satisfying experience – at least for me. So,  this is where it’s going to be at for me this weekend:

A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin (for some much needed escapism)

Heda Gabbler – Ibsen (research) and

My New Roots: Inspired Plant Based Recipes for Every Season – cook book by Sarah Britton (bit of indulgence – what’s life without good food?)

What’s on your ‘to read’ list?

Happy weekend.

from murakami

I keep a little notebook for quotes that I come across when I’m reading, that strike a chord with me. And I’m glad that I do. Especially when I come across quotes like this one from Murakami. When a translation is this good in English, I wonder what I’m missing out on – because it must be so special in its original form.

From What I Talk About When I Talk About Running:

“… one of the privileges given to those who’ve avoided dying young is the blessed right to grow old. The honour of physical decline is waiting…”

a long time between posts…

It’s been a long time between posts so I thought it best to pull myself out of the hurricane of Christmas mayhem that’s zip, zip, zipping around me and do some sharing.

A few months ago, while on retreat at The Baldessin Press, I stumbled across a darling little book that hasn’t left my side since. Metaphysical Fishing by press owner and artist Tess Edwards is just divine. A teeny book of images and life ‘sayings’, Metaphysical Fishing comprises a series of artworks and quotes painted over the pages of discarded French prayerbooks that Tess discovered during the 17 years that she spent in France. And it’s oh so special. Rarely do I come across a book as magnanimous in spirit as this one. Tess’s paintings combine with the likes of Lao – Tzu, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr to produce something just magical. Here are a couple of my favourite quotes:

you cannot raise a man up by calling him down

– William Boetcker

faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark

– Rabindranath Tagore

Get a hold of a copy for yourself or gift it to someone special – either way, the book is a blessing to own. To purchase a copy contact Tess directly here.

’til next time. Happy reading, shopping and sharing. The man in the red suit is nigh…


image courtesy of

the week(end) that was

Greetings all, and happy Saturday!

I’m well and truly back from my cheeky little trip to Port Fairy for the Ex Libris Festival of Words and thought it was about time that I shared some highlights with you.

Port Fairy is little but, don’t let it deceive you, it most definitely is not sleepy as I recently discovered. In fact, it’s anything but! Having just been to a heap of MWF events, the Ex Libris festival was a nice way to relax and wind down with like minded people. Continue reading

juicy fruity inspiration

Lately it seems as though wherever I turn, inspiration follows. Perhaps I’m more open to it; perhaps it’s this glorious spring weather (I do tend to feel quite different in different seasons – maybe spring’s the season to feel ‘lighter’). Either way, I don’t really care as I’m quite enjoying this feeling of fruitfulness – so much so that I thought I’d take a quick little moment to share some of my sources of inspiration.


I simply cannot stop reading. Let me repeat this to make sure that you understood – I simply CANNOT stop reading. Any spare moment I have, my head’s in a book… or five. And if I’m out, I’m buying books. Isn’t it obvious that that comes with the job, you say. Well yes it is bloody obvious but it doesn’t make it any less expensive or life consuming for my poor dear spouse. Here’s a wee glance over my latest purchases and reads: Continue reading