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The 2015 MWF has come and gone for yet another year so I thought I’d share some of my scribbles. Although it wasn’t my favourite MWF, it was so lovely to immerse myself in the creativity and ideas of like minded people and to soak up all their wordy goodness. This year, unlike others, I found myself wanting to note take less and enjoy the moment more so, that’s what I did! Before you ask, I’m still undecided on as to which session was my favourite – I keep to-ing and fro-ing between Will Self’s interview for Books and Arts Daily and Coetzee, Kennedy & Malouf: Three Stories. Sessions I attended and favourite little gems below.

Bringing Your Brand to Life – Lucy Feagins (The Design Files)

How to be Creative – Pip Lincolne

Extraordinary Routines – Clint Greagon, Fiona McIntosh, Louris van de Geer

Will Self: The Death of the Novel

Coetzee, Kennedy, Malouf: Three Stories

I had the entire world hovering over my shoulder wanting me to do the same thing but different.”

– Louis de Bernieres on post Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

“Although what they came back with was extremely annoying and I hated them for it, I was eternally grateful because they were right.”

– Louis de Bernieres on editors

“Your duty is not to your own vanity, your duty is to the book… to make the best book you can.”

– Louis de Bernieres

“Writers tell stupendous lies and readers pretend to believe them.”

– Louis de Bernieres

“What we’re looking for [in fiction] is that which ought to be true… truthfulness.”

– Louis de Bernieres

“Perfect is an excuse to not do things. Don’t worry about perfect.”

– Pip Lincolne

“Schedule creative appointments every day… you’d prioritise a doctor’s appointment. Make a doctor’s appointment for creativity.”

– Pip Lincolne

“I think a lot of literary fiction is very disembodied.”

– Will Self

“I actually think technology is something that happens to us. we don’t create it.”

– Will Self in relation to his trilogy Umbrella, Shark and Phone (which is still being written).

“Modernism, for us practitioners, is a highly naturalistic form.”

– Will Self

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  1. Freitag, 7. Mai 2010 um 12:19 Das bin dann wohl ich.Unter anderem, ja. Kann mich aber nicht mehr erinnern wo noch ähnliches gelesen zu haben Wie schon bei Deiner Besprechung geschrieben, bin ich immer noch unentschlossen was einen Kinobesuch zu “Chloe” angeht. Mal sehen, wenn es so weiter regnet…  CandideZitiere

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