just where has smartykat been?

Lately I’ve had a few of my darling smartykat followers contact me and say, “Where are you?”, “Where have the posts gone?”, “I want mooooooore!”, so I thought I better pull my finger out of my butt…on hole and give you all a bit of an update. Never fear, smartykat is ALWAYS here, just not necessarily always in her blogging form. Here’s what’s been taking up S.K.’s time:

THE novel

Yes, I’m still plugging away at my debut novel and yes, I’m still absolutely loving the process. Of course I have my days where my critical self is louder than my creative self and tells me that everything I’m writing is shizer (in fact this happens more days than not), but the learning and exploring and discoveries make those not so great days worth it. The reality of full time writing is so different from the romanticised idea that’s out there of someone with ink stained fingers, drinking endless glasses of wine. It’s bloody hard yakka. However, I did some wonderful networking at this year’s MWF which has given me that teeny spark of “keep on keeping on” that I needed so for now, it’s head down, bum up!

the pursuit of a writing routine (or something similar!)

Finding a routine, I think, is of paramount importance for any artist. Just what my writing routine is, however, I’m still not sure. So, I’ve spent the past little while trying to work that out. There are always other things to do, just as there are always more friends to have coffee with. At the moment I’m trying to find the balance between addressing those ‘other things’ and cafe-ing with those friends and giving my writing the respect that it deserves – not as a hobby but as a job. Sheesh, if I’m not going to take myself seriously, who is?  The routine will come. I know it will. In the meantime it’s a matter of going forth in faith and remembering that so many wonderful others have been where I am. Greene’s routine was 500 words a day, Hemingway’s was to rise at 7, write 500 – 1000 words then stop while he was “going good”. Let’s see what mine’s going to be…

a love affair with Stravinsky

Allow me to clarify, not with Stravinsky exactly (I’m really not into necrophilia!) but with Modjeska’s book Stravinsky’s Lunch. I know that I’ve written about this book before but I can’t help but write about it again – it has taken me on such a journey. The book is full of so many exciting and wonderful tangents which I’m having a glorious time pursuing. As a result I’m currently in the process of reading Stella Bowen’s memoir Drawn From Life, have immersed myself in Patrick White (who was an avid collector of the works of Grace Cossington Smith), am rediscovering Jean Rhys and have a new found awareness and respect for the ‘artist’ and the social, political and cultural network that sustains them. The image above is a preparatory drawing for Brett Whiteley’s painting Patrick White at Centennial Park. I think it captures that cross pollination that happens between artists beautifully. In it we have documented a painter in his space, sketching a writer in his – as well as a friendship and the process behind it all. To see the sketch in greater detail go here.  


It’s been over four years since my husband and I went on a holiday overseas and, well, the travel bug is well and truly biting and France is calling. So, we’ve been planning. Doing our research, getting quotes for tickets, putting our coffee money into a ‘France jar’! All going to plan we’ll be heading off towards the end of June 2013 for about a month. Can you imagine? The food… the wine… the WRITING!

There you have it – SmartyKat’s dilly-dallyings in a nutshell. You should all be up to speed now!

Have a gorgeous weekend.

’til next time xx

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and review Christmas Ro;2&.Is#8e17sm so glad you enjoyed the story and that you didn’t spoil the ending for readers. As for that hot chocolate … today is just the day for that, at least here in Cheyenne.

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