salutations from MWF ’12

Salutations, dear followers, from MWF ’12… and what a festive festival it’s been so far!

As much as I’d love to share EVERYTHING with you all, I just don’t have the time or blogging capacity or memory to do so. SO, instead, what I thought I’d do is give you the best of the best and share some festival highlights straight from the mouths of the literary greats.

If you’re not booked in for a session, jump online and snap up whatever you can put your pretty little paws on. Writer – or otherwise – you’ll be enlightened, inspired and enthused. I promise!

Wherever possible, I’ve tried to include a link to the author’s webpage – or the closest thing to it. Enjoy!

xx SmartyKat


they have to be undercurrents in society… if they’re overcurrents and they’re obvious, well that’s just journalism.

Deborah Robertson


everything is not so precious! move on and write something better.

Paddy O’Reilly


go on the journey and see what happens. if you are committed to it, something will happen.

Franceska Rendle-Short

allow yourself to fail and not write brilliantly all the time… sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that we just freeze up.

Robin Hemley

it’s about being really pig headed if you just want to write something

Kirsty Murray

i write the first draft as a sort of quest… i try to find out what the book’s about.

Tom Keneally


we are in an industry that is going through a revolutionary change, not an evolutionary one.

Michael Heyward

you don’t get handouts in this industry.

Melina Marchetta


be afraid, but be excited too.

– Michael Heyward

i’ve never had a good author who resisted editing… I’ve had some bad authors who have though!

Henry Rosenbloom


you do it because you need to do it… it’s about finding a pragmatic way to continue to do it.

Tony Birch

i’m not going to apologise [for writing] anymore. writing is a job for me… you’ve got to pay the bills.

– Melina Marchetta

writing careers! what’s a writing career?

Elly Varrenti

*image courtesy of Melbourne Writers Festival 2012

2 thoughts on “salutations from MWF ’12

  1. i couldn’t pick a favorite they’re all brilliant! i do live by this one though: ‘go on the journey and see what happens. if you are committed to it, something will happen.’

    – Franceska Rendle-Short

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