like Augustus in the chocolate factory

A short little while ago, I attended a literary tour at Heide Museum of Modern art titled They Also Wrote. Run by Judith Hughes, the tour focused on Heide as a haven for aspiring writers and a meeting place for artists in general. Well, I was like a child in a candy store – more specifically – Augustus in Wonka’s factory! The tour was comprehensive and at the same time, so inspiring. Did you know that Sidney Nolan couldn’t decide whether to become a painter or a writer? Or that there’s a rumour on the good ol’ mill that Miller’s Autumn Laing is based on Sunday Reed? I didn’t. I’m so glad that I went… and it was all FREE. Can you believe it? ’tis always worth keeping an eye on the happenings at Heide (you can do that here). You never know what you’ll stumble across.

Tour aside, the place is just divine. Actually, to quote myself:

“There’s a magic about this place that cannot be imagined. It’s so real. From the moment you walk in your skin tingles with it. A little oasis in the middle of suburbia” (from my notebook).

There is just so much to discover. From the uber shaggy comfort built carpet in Heide II to the uh-mazing library in Heide I, it’s a place that’s just brimming with energy and creativity and warmth. So much warmth.

Needless to say, after my visit I couldn’t help but want to know more. The tiny morsels of information that Judith threw my way were simply not enough for my intrigued little mind – so I’ve been reading and writing Heide since. I’ve just finished Dear Sun – the letters of Joy Hester and Sunday Reed – which I could not put down (and which inspired a recent poem of mine but more of that in another post) and am now planning on working my way through Diana Georgeff’s The Delinquent Angel which is a biography of Shelton Lea – yet another writer (poet) who was part of the Heide set. Of course after that I’ll most likely meander over to Autumn Laing and The Heart Garden.

If you are yet to visit Heide, you simply must. If not for the actual gallery, for the gardens and sculptures and veggies… yes veggies! Pack a picnic and make a day of it. Or, if you’re a typically less organised person like myself, just rock up, have a stroll around the place, soak up the magic and then frolic over to Cafe Vue for a glass of something bubbly and a plate of something yummy over which to ponder your special surrounds.

’til next time.

* Image of Heide dolls’ house my own. This later became a place for Sunday and John to store paintings.

Been to Heide recently? Have some special Heide info that I don’t know? Please, do share!

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