i love stumbling across books…

I LOVE stumbling across books. Without wanting to. Just like that.

A couple of afternoons ago I had a few hours to kill so I headed into my local library for the first time in months and boy, was it good… so, so, friggen good (excuse my excitement). The moment I stepped through the front doors, everything else slipped away. Cooking, work, bills, mopping, dusting, vacuuming –  it all just vanished in one great big PUFF of musty book smelling goodness. And it remained that way the entire time I was there (note to self, library = pocket of sanity).

Among the Dawson’s Creek DVDs (!), kids story time paraphernalia (note to self, library at 10 am on a Tuesday = pocket of insanity) and 500 copies of Eat Pray Love, I managed to stumble across a book that I just have to share about – hence the blog post. Not only does it combine my two loves in life: books and the human mind, but it also has a picture of tigger sitting on a couch (!) on the cover… well, part of him anyway… his legs and tail (which is probably why the book is called Tigger on the Couch!).

This book is just gorgeous and for me, fills a literary void which, well, let’s face it – I should have probably filled myself being a psychology and english graduate… but, there’s still plenty of time for my masterpiece and this book is exceptional in its own right. Basically, the short of it is that it’s a book about the “neuroses, psychoses, disorders and maladies of our favourite childhood characters.” Each section of the book takes a different fictional setting and looks at the characters that reside there. From Tigger in the Hundred Acre Wood to Alice in Wonderland, Tigger on the Couch has it covered and the case notes are brilliant – yep, each character has his / her / its own case notes and diagnosis. My favourites are the Big Bad Wolf (psychopathy), Peter Rabbit (oppositional defiant disorder) and the Wicked Witch (explosive personality disorder). Pretty funny, I know.

Admittedly, at first I was a little concerned that the book may tarnish the glossiness of the fairytales and stories that I had grown up on and loved but, let me assure you, it didn’t. As an adult, it revived them for me and instead, I found myself having a wee chuckle with the author at the eccentricities of the characters and their behaviours.

Although the book is listed as a “self help” book it will appeal to many, many more than those who are looking to self diagnose. In fact, I don’t know that it would help those who are. Instead I think this book is a witty, clever and humorous take on some much loved characters from the pages of story-ville. It’s light, well written and extremely accessible with author Laura James doing a fine job of balancing the clinical with the fantastic. However, a word of caution to those who are well versed in matters of psychology / psychiatry – do not pick up a copy of this book expecting DSM write ups and comprehensive clinical notes. You won’t get them and I’m not sure that was James’ aim anyway. By all means, her book is well informed and referenced, just not in an over the top, dense, encyclopaedic way… which suits me just fine!

’til next time xx

Read it? Going to check it out? Love the idea? Hate it? Please do share…

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