this took smartykat to “wonder”land…

I stumbled across this a few months ago and have only just remembered to share it with you all! It absolutely blew me away (I watched it several times over, starting the next viewing as soon as the previous one had ended!). Made in 1903, it’s the first ever film version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Have a squiz (best in full screen mode). I warn you though, be prepared for 10 minutes of I’ve-been-transported-to-anothert-world pure bliss. Ahhh.

Let me know what you think… (I’m still astounded that they could make Alice grow so well in 1903! 1903!)

Happy weekend and happy viewing xx

One thought on “this took smartykat to “wonder”land…

  1. i’m going to get a little ‘wonderlandish’ and say the first thing i thought of was my (uh hum, our) pet zephyr. This might quite possibly be how he (and other gorgeous creatures) might observe the world!!! simple actions… now i know why he’s so smart!

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