not long now…

So, we’re exactly a week away from the second Monday of the month which means that we’re exactly a week away from the premier of Local Life Lovin’! Yay, but… ‘What in God’s name is this Local Life Lovin’ thing’ you ask? Can’t tell you that silly billy. Sorry. It’s still a secret, remember? Shhh. Just thought I’d pay you the courtesy of giving you a wee heads up so that you remember to check in next Monday, and every second Monday of the month after that. Because yes-sir-ee, this will be a regular rockin’ gig.

Got it? Great! Because now that you’ve put it in your calendar as a recurring event, all that’s left to do is sit tight and spread the word (and think about graphic novels… what the? *wink wink*). Because it’s gonna be great and exciting and fun all on the one regular second Monday of the month.

Happy Monday and happy waiting (patiently) xx

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