it’s a secret…

I have a bit of a secret to share just in time for the weekend. But you can’t tell anyone. Not a soul. Because this was meant to be a surprise but I’m so friggen excited that I just HAD TO TELL SOMEONE. So I decided to tell everyone and tell them not to tell. O.K.? Here it goes. Are you ready? A new segment is coming to SmartyKat. Did you hear it? I whispered…

A new segment is coming to SmartyKat! Yay! I’ll tell you what it’s called but nothing more because well, that would be giving everything away and we can’t have that now can we?

So, keep your ears peeled and your eyes wiiiiide open for Local Life Lovin’… just like the first of the month book deals it’ll be a similar monthly gig… but different…

Now remember, don’t tell a soul. It’s a secret.

Happy secret guessing xx

What do you think Local Life Lovin’ is going to be about? What would you like it to be about?

image by madd0

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