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We all know what the struggle to juggle work with life feels like and how impossible it can get at times. Should we pursue the relationship or put in the overtime? Go to that birthday party or meet that deadline? Work or play?

This week on Open House, Jess Rudd author of Campaing Ruby and now Ruby Blues, joined Leigh to discuss her latest writing venture which addresses this work / life conundrum.

Unsure whether we “can have it all”, in Ruby Blues Jess explores themes of balance and priorities – in particular for women in the workforce. One thing that became particularly salient to Jess while writing her latest Rubyinstalment was just how unsupportive women in the workforce are of each other. Although Jess can see where the origins of this inability to be supportive come from – with a lack of senior positions available to women – she, nonetheless, would like to see things operate in a more positive manner in the future.

When asked about her writing process, Jess likened it to spending time with “imaginary friends” that she simply “commits to paper”. Despite this sounding like an easy and enjoyable enough process, Jess is unsure whether she’s ready to write a third Ruby book just yet. As with any friendships, there can come a time when you’ve spent a little bit too much time with each other, and at the moment this is where Jess stands with Ruby!

To hear more about what you can expect from Ruby a second time round and about what Jess has to say on the current state of the Kevin versus Julia debate, tune in to the rest of her interview with Leigh below.

Open House: Author Jess Rudd on her new book “Ruby Blues” by 899lightfm

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