greetings from under the pile

Greetings dear readers!

I thought it might be wise to reassure you that no, I haven’t decided to set up shop in the tropics only to never return but that yes, I am still indulging in the blissful writing of Miller. You see, the thing is (and I probably should have shared this information with you earlier), I’m a book monogamist. I can only ever sleep with / play with / live with one book by my bedside at a time. That’s not to say that the temptation to flirt with other perhaps bigger, perhaps more burly or more dashing novels doesn’t tug on my monogamous heartstrings every once in a  while (because it does!), but overall I only have eyes for the book that I’m currently reading. So, why this profession of love for reading one book at a time? Well, it’s the reason I haven’t shared my thoughts on Miller’s The Tropic of Capricorn yet. Between the books that I’m reviewing (you should see next month’s!), my articles, blog posts and husband (yes, I am aware that he’s at the end of the list – I’m working on this issue too), it just doesn’t seem humanly possible to spread me self around. I just aint that elastically or thinly inclined! So, to all you bookish one night standers who chow through five books a week – good on you! The rest of you surely, surely I say, will understand my faithful stance and, hopefully, will patiently await my return from the tropics.

Yours ever so sincerely and apologetically,

SmartyKat xx

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  1. I too am a book monogamist! Actually I think I might be married to the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. Thanks for the referal/present Smarty Kat ;o)

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