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It’s the first of the month and that means… time to go book shopping! This month’s review is of Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore which means that you can go into The Book Grocer Northcote and pick it up for only $10!

Hope you enjoy the review (and book) xx

Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami

Words without letters.

Standing in the shadows of the door…

The drowning girl’s fingers

Search for the entrance stone …

Outside the window there are soldiers,

Steeling themselves to die …

And so plays out the symphony of Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. His language beautifully bare; his story, however, labyrinthine in meaning. This novel takes its reader on multiple journeys through time and space, music and philosophy, history and literature. Each page sounds beautifully with Murakami’s wisdom and skill in this tale of love found and lost that spans timeless decades, punctuated by memories alone.

When we meet the young Kakfa he’s on the run. Abandoned by his mother and sister, and at odds with his father, he decides that he has had enough of his present life and so packs his backpack and sets off to find something new; whatever that is; wherever it is. Little does he know what the universe has in store for him…

In a not so distant vacant lot, on perhaps even the same evening, we also meet Nakata – an elderly man with few abilities other than being able to speak to cats. On the hunt for a local family’s lost feline Nakata embarks on a similar journey into a world of magic stones, raining fish and murder.

In a mesmerising display of magical realism at its finest, Murakami blurs the boundaries between waking and dreaming; illusion and reality. Will Nakata find the missing cat he’s on the prowl for and can Kafka satisfy the insatiable desire that he has to know the truth about his family?

From the complex workings of a master’s mind comes this part mystery, part adventure, part love story about what it means to be alive in a world where meaning is elusive.

A moving, magical masterpiece.

3 thoughts on “it’s time to go shopping!

  1. Hmm interesting take on this one, I recall reading this whilst travelling through Laos, a relatively enchanting and certainly disconnected part of the world and even then I could not find myself lost in Murukami’s world….. perhaps I am simply far too simple to understand

  2. Hi Janielle. Thanks for your comment. I don’t think you’re “simple”; Murakami’s plots often resemble dream states more than they resemble logical, comprehensible and linear narratives. More often than not, people find it extremely difficult to ‘untangle’ them and attribute meaning to the symbols and metaphors that he uses. I, personally, throw meaning to the wind when approaching his writing and just let the words wash over me. Strange, I know, but it seems to work. I’ll be interested to see what you think of next month’s book / review… xx SmartyKat

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