unplug with something classically basic

It’s so easy in this  Facebook – Twitter – iPhone – Google+ – crazy world of ours to forget the simple things in life. More often than not I find myself too busy or just plain ol’ too apathetic and disinterested to take the time to appreciate those little gems that should make me go “ah”, like the tomatoes in my sandwich (handpicked by grandpa from his garden – YUM!), or the flowers that have just bloomed in my neighbours’ front gardens (magnolias). I seem to rush around my days wearing blinkers a good 70% of the time and then being too exhausted that other 30% to notice anything constructive to my wellbeing. What is this?

Whatever it is, it goes further than just not noticing flowers and not appreciating sandwich fillings. It’s something that’s taken over our lives (not just mine) and a teeny piece of me fears that it’s what others seem to (happily) call ‘progress’. Is it? It can’t be! Oh dear…it is…

How can we possibly slow down, breathe and appreciate when everything is moving so quickly around us? iPad 2s. Self parking cars. Just add ‘pod’ coffee machines. Blink and you’ll miss the app that tells you when to pee during a movie (no I’m not kidding, it does exist). With all this commotion swirling around our heads, day in day out, it’s not surprising that we have little time or desire to go back to the basics; to revisit the classics.

Recently, on a week away, I decided to ‘unplug’. To switch off my iPhone, sign out of Facebook and turn off the telly so that, on the off chance that I desired to read my penguin classic or watch those fifty black and white movies that I had on my shortlist, I could. Freely and without feeling archaic and boring. And that’s exactly what I did. Without my usual electronic buzz of distraction, I had the time and the desire to do those things and to enjoy them – and that I did.

Here are a few of my favourite ‘new’ (but beautifully ‘old’) discoveries…

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Give it a go. Or if you’re too scared to go all out and ‘unplug’ like I did, tell yourself you’re giving yourself an early Christmas prezzie and make the time to indulge in  something that allows you to breath again and go “ah”.

Just remember, B2B (back to basics).

Happy unplugging xx

10 thoughts on “unplug with something classically basic

  1. All too common unfortunately in this day and age that individuals are unable to unplug, whereas for those of us in the ‘older’ generations we can recall a time when that was what life was….making dates to see people and turning up, using a phone sparingly, and being able to be present and actually absorb and interact with the world as a result.

    For most people these days the thought of being ‘unplugged’ or out of service is enough to send them into a tizzy or to ensure that they alter their plans to make sure that they can remain connected.

    I for one have taken the approach of slowing down on weekends. My phone goes unanswered, I do not interact with a computer, I do not have an ipad, iphone or blackberry to contend with and I even go so far as to remove my watch, allowing two days of pure bliss (two and a half if I can stretch it out) where I do as I wish to do, or even need to do, without distraction!

    Go for presence, unplug and truly live!

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